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How to Maintain an Active Lifestyle With Your 9-5 Job

When I got my first consulting job I noticed it was difficult to stay active and maintain a good work-life balance. A lot of my co-workers compared the first year of working to the Freshman 15. Which terrified me. I was not going to let my job consume me and my appetite.

So I created a list of tips to stay active during and after your job:

If your office has a desk treadmill, USE IT!

    It’s pretty difficult to multitask, let alone get work done while walking on a treadmill, BUT often times I find myself talking to a client for 20 minutes here and there. This is the perfect time to use the treadmill.
    Instead of taking a coffee break, take 10 minutes on the desk treadmill. Drinking coffee and walking on the treadmill? Best way to wake up.

        Walk to lunch.

        Chances are your office has restaurants within walking distance. Even if you're walking 15 minutes to the closest Dunkin', at least you're walking for the donut. Bring a pair of walking shoes to switch out of before you go across the street.

            Wear a hybrid of work wear and active wear.

            I scoured the Internet looking for business-casual athleisure and could not find anything other than "comfortable" business clothing. Which is useless if you actually want to be active. That’s why I created DASDUO.

                Rescue a dog.

                Not only will you be saving a dog's life from the shelter, but it forces you to walk two or three times a day.
                I find myself going home on my lunch break to walk my dog, and eating a few snacks when I get back to the office.
                It's also a great way to meet people if you are new to your city.

                    By following my own tips on staying active, I (unintentionally) lost a few pounds within 6 months of working. Being active should be something you work into your day, not something you dread at the end of the day! Good luck, and come back for more posts discussing staying active and working!

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