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Adapting Your Workouts to Your Lifestyle

Though people may not say it often enough, working out is hard. Whether it’s finding the motivation to get off the couch or making time in your busy schedule, trying to find the time and energy to work out is tiresome—especially if you go from being active daily as a high school athlete to losing that constant motivation in college to exercise or be physically active.

For me, this transition was tough. In high school, I was a tri-sport athlete: I played Volleyball, Soccer, and Track. I worked out everyday, and my coaches told me exactly what workouts needed to be done and how many weights needed to be lifted. I had the luxury of being coached and didn’t even think have to think about what to do next in my workout.

Then I got to college. I didn’t continue playing club or varsity sports and was left to intramural and my own drive, but I had no more drive.

Because of this lack of determination, my body changed—and not in a good way. I lost my muscle composition, and I wasn’t the same self that I was in high school.

Once I saw the negative impacts the lack of exercise caused in my body, I knew something had to give. I tried going to the gym and doing my own workouts, but it wasn’t enough. I had been coached my whole life and I needed someone to coach me still.

So I decided to try yoga. I had always wanted to become stronger and more flexible my entire life and never had the time to try yoga because I was doing others sports 24/7.

Yoga changed my life. I had “coaches” telling me what to do, but it was different—No harsh voices or commands, but encouragement and self recognition. I was able to get my body back to the way it was, but I changed the journey it took to get there.

So don’t wait until your physical body gets “out of shape” before you decide to make a change. If you used to be a high school athlete, college athlete, or used to run every day before transitioning into a new stage of life, make sure you try and find something that will help you transform that old physical practice to fit into your new lifestyle.

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