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Our Story

Freeing you from your 9 to 5.

We aim to provide business apparel that is catered to your active lifestyle.

No more changing clothes in office bathroom stalls, gym locker rooms, or the back of your car to make it to a work out class.

Every woman should be able to go from the office to the gym—seamlessly. By combining functionality and fashion under one brand, we hope to make your life a little less complicated.

Changing in bathroom stalls? No, thanks.

DASDUO began as a need for better workwear.

Sarah was working at a consulting firm and wanted to maintain an active lifestyle, but quickly found there were many obstacles and easy excuses not to. Her office space had desk treadmills, which work clothing was not suitable for. In order to exercise, she had to dash home to walk her dogs during her lunch break, but hated doing so in slacks and a blouse.

She couldn't find business clothing that was comfortable, and couldn't find activewear that was appropriate for work. She found that other brands weren't realistic representations of the active, working woman.

But she believes that every woman should have the freedom to pursue an active lifestyle. That's why she created DASDUO.

We're a startup.

Established in May 2018, we are a proud member of the CREATE-X startup incubator program at Georgia Tech. We're also featured in Atlanta Inno's 25 Under 25 List and in GT ISYE student spotlight

We're college students at Georgia Tech who believe that clothing brands shouldn't be one-dimensional — a single outfit should be an all-day affair. We created DASDUO to get you from #WorkToWorkout.


Meet the Team


Sarah, Founder & Director of Operations

Sarah is a senior studying Industrial Engineering. She loves rainy days, coffee, getting drinks at Ladybird, and taking her dogs, Cedar and Emily, to the river.  


Maggie, Creative Director

Maggie is a senior studying Mechanical Engineering. When she's not studying for a test, you can find her thrift shopping, hiking to see a sunset, or attending music festivals.


Beatrice, Website Design Lead

Beatrice is a 4th year studying Computational Media. She's also a field expert in local coffee shops, an avid podcast listener, and a portrait photographer.


Maddie, Director of Finance

Maddie is a junior studying Finance and General Engineering. She loves listening to alternative and R&B music (the Lumineers, The Neighbourhood, 6lack, Frank Ocean), eating spicy foods, and road trips!