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Meet the Team

We're college students at Georgia Tech who believe that clothing brands shouldn't be one-dimensional — a single outfit should be an all-day affair. We created DASDUO to get you from #WorkToWorkout.


Sarah, Founder & Director of Operations

Sarah is a senior studying Industrial Engineering. She loves rainy days, coffee, getting drinks at Ladybird, and taking her dogs, Cedar and Emily, to the river.  


Maggie, Creative Director

Maggie is a senior studying Mechanical Engineering. When she's not studying for a test, you can find her thrift shopping, hiking to see a sunset, or attending music festivals.


Beatrice, Website Designer and Manager

Beatrice is a senior studying Computational Media. She's also a field expert in local coffee shops, an avid podcast listener, and a portrait photographer.


Maddie, Director of Finance

Maddie is a junior studying Finance and General Engineering. She loves listening to alternative and R&B music (the Lumineers, The Neighbourhood, 6lack, Frank Ocean), eating spicy foods, and road trips!